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Light Up Your Adventures: Best Flashlights for Hiking & Camping

Light Up Your Adventures: Best Flashlights for Hiking & Camping

Hitting the trails or setting up camp under the stars? Don't let darkness dampen your outdoor spirit! A reliable flashlight is an essential companion for any hiking and camping trip, illuminating your path, providing safety, and enhancing your overall experience. But with so many options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Fear not, fellow adventurers! This guide will shed light on the best flashlights for your next outdoor escapade.


Key Considerations:

  • Brightness & Beam Distance: Opt for 200-500 lumens for general use, and consider higher lumens (up to 1000) for long-distance visibility or searching.
  • Battery Life: Choose rechargeable batteries for sustainability and long trips, but pack extras or disposable options as backup.
  • Durability & Water Resistance: Look for impact-resistant and water-resistant designs (IPX4 or higher) to withstand the elements.
  • Weight & Size: Compact options are ideal for everyday carry, while larger models offer more power and features.
  • Additional Features: Consider features like multiple modes (low, high, strobe), SOS functionality, and red light for night vision preservation.


Top Picks for Hikers & Campers:

1. All-rounder:

Klarus G15 V2

The compact rechargeable Klarus G15 v2 provides super long-lasting power. Its CREE XHP70.2 LED outputs a 4200 lumen output and 200 metre throw on turbo mode. Turbo mode lasts for 3 hours! It offers a total of 8 output modes, from turbo to moonlight (10 to 4200 lumens), and Strobe, signal, and SOS modes. With a body diameter of under 3cm and length of just over 12cm, it will fit comfortably in a pocket. This EDC light can be powered by three different batteries: 1x 21700 (included); 1x 18650; or 2x CR123A batteries, for rechargeable or replaceable options that fit your personal preferences. With power bank functionality, and USB-C and lightning adapters included, small devices like phones or tablets can be charged when necessary.


2. Compact & Powerful:

Lumintop EDC AA

The Lumintop EDC AA torch is an ultra-compact and lightweight clicky tail-switch torch. The TIR optical lens creates a soft and balance beam, and utilising 1x Osram LED, it produces a maximum output of 600 lumens, using the included 14500 920mAh USB-C rechargeable battery. It can also run on 1x AA battery. There are four different power level options as well as switch to the strobe mode. A dual direction and deep pocket clip is useful for not only attaching to a pocket, but also attaching to a cap peak, or a backpack. Further features include a memory mode, and an IP68 waterproof rating.


3. Lightweight & Headlamp Option:

Jetbeam HP30

The JETBeam HP30 Headlamp has a smart motion sensor switch, providing the option to change between modes simply by waving a hand in front of the sensor, allowing the brightness to be changed faster than ever before. The mount can be tilted up to a 45° angle to better illuminate surroundings, coupled with an anti-flickering LED to ensure that lighting is always smooth. The compact and lightweight design makes the HP30 easy to transport, from hiking to camping. There are 4 brightness modes, high and low settings cover longer and shorter range tasks like navigating the campsite and reading, and the additional red and strobe modes create opportunities to preserve night vision or longer distance signalling.


4. Long-Distance Champion:

Jetbeam Raptor RRT-M2s

The JETBeam RRT-M2S is a laser flashlight designed with a throw distance of 1000 metres! This impressive throw makes this light the ideal companion for campers, search and rescue, or any outdoorsman. With a 480 lumen max output, the RRT-M2S provides the ideal spotlight for any user.

  • Max beam distance of 1000 metres with WP-T2 Laser LED.
  • Supplied with a micro USB rechargeable 21700 battery.
  • It can produce up to 11.5h of runtime.
  • High, Medium, Low outputs, also Strobe and SOS.
  • Features both a tactical tail switch, and a rotary control ring near the bezel to easily control the light that is required, depending on the situation.
  • IPX-8 water resistance (up to 2m)


5. Budget-Friendly Choice:

Klarus A1 Pro

The Klarus A1 Pro is a compact tactical flashlight with a maximum output of 1300 lumens and max beam distance of 230 metres. It has 3 brightness levels which can be cycled through with the side switch, as well as the strobe mode which can be activated with one touch for instant use. This torch is rechargeable via a USB-C cable which is included with the package, along with a battery and lanyard. The A1 Pro also features an aggressive strike bezel for self defence or emergency situations, and an LED battery level indicator so you know how much battery you have remaining.


Consider packing a smaller, keychain flashlight for quick tasks around camp and a headlamp for hands-free convenience when setting up camp or cooking in the dark.


Remember: The best flashlight for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your planned activities, budget, and desired features to choose the perfect light to illuminate your outdoor adventures.


With the right flashlight in hand, you can explore the wonders of nature with confidence and safety, ensuring your next hike or camping trip is a truly unforgettable experience.

Happy trails and bright nights!


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