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Dive Deeper, Explore Further: Introducing Bluedive Diving Equipment

Dive Deeper, Explore Further: Introducing Bluedive Diving Equipment

Bluedive, a brand by SPERAS lighting, is your one-stop shop for top-quality scuba diving torches, specialising in:

  • Diving flashlights: Powerful and reliable illumination for underwater exploration.
  • Diving photography equipment: Capture stunning underwater moments with ease.


Built on Innovation and Quality:

  • Founded in 2019, SPERAS has earned the trust of leading ODM customers with their commitment to innovation and quality control.
  • This dedication translates into the creation of Bluedive, offering a diverse range of products suitable for all divers, from beginners to professionals.



Illuminating Your Underwater Adventures:

  • Bluedive flashlights cater to various needs, including:
    • Spotlights: Powerful beams for exploring dark environments.
    • Video/photo lights: Enhance your underwater captures.
    • Searchlights: Illuminate larger areas underwater.
    • Canister lights: Powerful and long-lasting illumination for deep dives.
  • All flashlights boast maximum waterproof depths of up to 150m (492ft), perfect for various diving applications.


Unwavering Commitment to Excellence:

  • Bluedive prioritises quality with:
    • Strong R&D team: Continuously innovating and improving products.
    • Strict production rules and QC procedures: Ensuring every product meets the highest standards.
    • 100% waterproof testing: Guaranteeing safety and reliability.
  • Customer satisfaction is key: Bluedive offers a 2-year warranty and exceptional pre-sale and after-sale support.



Embrace the Blue with Bluedive:

Bluedive's name reflects the romantic experience of "diving in the blue" and their passion for enabling others to experience the thrill of diving. Explore the wonders of the underwater world with confidence and clarity alongside Bluedive.


Additionally, Bluedive showcases three of their powerful diving flashlights:

  • BD20: Compact and versatile, perfect for both primary and backup lighting.
  • BD10: Reliable and easy to use, ideal for recreational diving.
  • BD40: High-performance light with impressive output, suitable for various diving needs.


Dive into the world of Bluedive and discover the perfect equipment for your next underwater adventure!

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